Hospitality for a special guest

From a young age I have been surrounded by people who have looked forward to Ramadan. All around me no one appears to be phased and everyone eagerly anticipates the emaan boost. I think of my younger sister who mentioned in a conversation that she “could not wait” for this sacred month. Her face beamed and I could see the sparkle in her eye alhumdulillah (praise be to Allah.) Every year I want to also have this and not be occupied with my reservations regarding this month. I often wonder if other mothers also think about the lack of sleep with children or how they will generally manage the obligatory ibadah at this time. Do they also ask Allah to make it easy for them and everyone and worry about the change in routine. How life has changed since marriage and becoming a mother.

However over the past few days I began to feel slightly more content with the arrival of Ramadan. I started to think about the numerous benefits and how this month is a very special guest that I need to prepare for. Rather than thinking about the length of the fast I thought about a course I attended years ago. It was taught by Sheikh Abu Abdissalam and in the course he went through Fasting. One thing I took away from this course was when he presented us with the analogy of swallowing “a bitter pill.” In Ramadan we retrain our nafs (soul) the abstain from disobeying Allah. Subjectively, this means staying away from certain temptations. Again here was something for me to consider as ultimately our aim is to please Allah in the entirety of our lives. Moments we have to ourselves as mothers are rare so I want to make sure that this year insha-Allah I do ¬†improve from Fasting. However, I want to be realistic with the expectations I have for myself so I will be doing that which I can do regularly and consistently. Insha-Allah (God Willing) I hope to be focusing on the Quran more and learning life lessons from this that I will impart on this blog, showing my true hospitality to this guest.

As we know it was in month that the Quran was revealed- so why not do it justice by reading that which was communicated to us by the Lord.



Waking up after frequent nightmares I realised that the craving of comfort of this world is a delusion. Yet, everyday we prepare for the unknown future and keep investing our time into something which I believe God has already decreed. With this in mind I thought I either embrace the present and ‘live for the moment’ or I continue to methodically plan for the later years of my life. This is where the reflection began. The reflection soon turned to questioning, which then turned to the realisation that I have been truly blessed. 

Gems of Serenity 

Gems of serenity
Each day is special, unique and blissful.

Each moment is something to cherish with our precious gems.

As we watch them grow and prosper and keep them in our silent prayers, in nations faraway these precious gems face nightmares.
No games can they play, no dreams can they dream

A phone call warns them- and their lives break at the seams.

The precious gems just look and don’t understand,

Against the guns and bombs they don’t stand a chance.

They hold on with every breath, and cry the tears of hope and cling on to those who are near.

At such a young age they learn not about love but fear.
These gems are eager for comfort just like our gems

But theirs is a fate undetermined surrounded by actions most people condemn.
Everyday some gems are lowered into the grave into their final abode.

Tiny bodies, some not even fully clothed.
Everyone who has a heart can surely see the plight, not just in Palestine-

But Burma, Syria, Chechnya and those not mentioned.

Precious gems are lost in these places and the oppressors are not sanctioned.
By Umm Safiya

Forgotten already

Forgotten already 
It’s been a few months and the hysteria has died down. 

The focus has changed from this to that, the updates have become less frequent. 

This does not mean that the atrocities are any less important. 

I remind myself from time to time-

The horrors of the 51 days- how compelled I felt, how I became indignant. 

But now that same rage seems far and distant. 

Looking at the news I see they’ve attacked the holiest of places. 

Only Allah can save us through his graces. 

Here in this place we are only bystanders-and watchful onlookers

Unable to stop the oppressors. 
But we can raise our hands whenever we want-

And any duaa he will grant. 

Though we may think that this act is small- 

By remembering the oppressed in our supplication they may be saved from more condemnation. 
Umm Safiya 


In the hollow of a pearl, Little boy and little girl 

Shall be your home surrounded by love 

Given to you from The Lord above. 
51 days you suffered with no where to go and no where to hide.

Even your parents couldn’t be at your side. 

No food you were given when you felt hunger strike- now you can have anything you choose- anything you like. 
Understand little soldiers of Palestine, your status is high and Jannah is your abode. 



In moments of loss our concerns come through, 

We call upon the almighty in sincerity, 

To bring us back to the comforts we once knew. 

Holding onto noltagia and feelings of security,

Cherished memories that are embedded between Allah and me.
It pains me to say that 

In lands faraway 

Bigger losses are occurring

Losses upon losses that people are no longer fearing.

I switch on the TV to see that Muslims lands are in chaos from left right and centre. 

However the tmnzZd

More and more deaths occur, now in Gaza there’s no space to

Bury them. 

Fridges are being used to restore peace to deaths mayhem.

In this world they may be imprisoned and demeaned.

But by Allah in the hereafter all those oppressed will be esteemed. 
By Umm Safiya 

Palestine Speaks

Palestine Speaks
I am writing this letter to inform you that I am not the place you knew me as before. If you visited me you would not recognise me anymore. With great persistence I tried to resist the onslaught of bloodshed, but my lands are full of the dead. 

It’s sad to hear, heartbreaking I am aware, 

There are a few things I want to share. 
There was a time my markets boomed and crowds bustled in the streets. There was a myriad of cultures, a plethora of languages and the patter of tiny feet. 

My people had dreams, ambitions and aspirations- but long ago they executed this determination. 

My landscapes were vast, with hills and valleys and rivers and lakes. Oh what beauty my creator makes. 

I’m even home to the great Al-Aqsa-where the greats ones prayed. 

Now in this time amidst its parameters the dead are laid. 
I’ve been battered and bruised and have nothing else. I end this letter with hope but not in myself. 

I have high hopes in the one who fashioned me- The one who is Al-Mujib-the Answerer of all calls- the one who will answer my humble plea. This plea is not for me but for those oppressed. Grant them justice as they have been transgressed. 
I don’t have hands to raise or a head to place down in sujood. 

But oh Allah hear my request know that those who have been wronged, 

Will only find solace in you. 
By Umm Safiya