New beginnings past influences

For many years I have loved writing, reading, reflecting, connecting and progressing. I have contemplated starting a blog many times but alas there was always something which prevented me from the writers flow and getting pen to paper ( or in this case fingers to the keypad. )

Recently my mind has been overflowing with a myriad of thoughts. These vary from day to day. It can be about a book I am reading to an ayah (verse) I have come across in the Quran or even a post I have come across on social media. It can even be something momentary that initiates cohesive links in my mind that I then relate to subjects I have studied in the past or connections I can make with Faith. I hope to share these moments of contemplation here on my blog and for them to be beneficial someday insha-Allah.

Initially the blog was for my daughter. My hopes were that oneday she would read my writing and ascertain life lessons that would be useful for in this life and the next. That is still my intention but I would also like to discuss other matters that are a part of me other than being a mother (although this is an integral part of me.) That being said blog posts that follow this will be focused upon motherhood!


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