Letters to Safiya 

Dear Safiya, Alhumdulillah for the blessings we have. 

I want to meet you in Jannah.

  As I was putting you to sleep tonight I realised the deep love of a mother. Alhumdulillah this has been placed in our hearts by our creator. As your small fingers gripped my finger something else effected me. Do you know what it was?? It was this overwhelming surge of emotion, and the highest of them was the need to protect you. 

This relates back to before you were born. During this time I attended a course about Surah Ar-Rahman. The speaker began by explaining the linguistic meaning of the name and broke it down to its root; which is ‘Rahm. ‘ This word means ‘the protection in the womb.’ At that point I felt as though he was speaking to me and no one else was present. It was as if Allah had placed me in that lecture to remind me of my purpose, to remind me of my aim and more importantly to remind me that this life is a test. And today you did that, by holding my finger. I realised that as a mother I am going to lead the way for you and lay the foundations for your akhirah. Yes we will inshallah pave our path as a family to Jannah. Why? Because in Jannah my love for you will only be increased more and it will be permanent not ephemeral.  

Dear Safiya, 

With the right intention anything can be made into ibadah (an act of worship.) In Sahih Al Bukhari the first Hadith is about intention which was narrated by Umar bin Al- Khattab (RA). Even after his demise it was noted that by relaying this Hadith Umar (RA) had conveyed a quarter of the deen. Subahanallah how beautiful is this!! How easy is our religion. So this means that just by doing this small act we can gain ample reward. So let’s make sure we always have good intentions before any act and we do things for the sake of Allah. By doing this we will naturally see how easy Allah makes things for us- after all we are paving the way to our abode in Jannah. 

Actions are by intentions whosoever migrated for Allah and his messenger he will gain that reward. Whomsoever migrated to get married he will gain that reward. 

Dear Safiya, 

Keep in good company especially stay with those who remember Allah much. Just now I spoke to your aunty and she relayed beautiful pearls of wisdom about Islam. Did you know that the Malaika (Angels) seek gatherings in which Allah is mentioned?? Subahanallah how amazing. Do you know what this means?? It means that if we remember Allah then the Angels will come and shower us with blessings. Not only this but there are always angels watching us writing down the good and the bad. Each day our deeds are recorded and taken to Allah (SWT.) So the Angels have a very important job indeed but even more importantly we have to remember that our Lord the most exalted is always watching us so we have to obey him. You have to remember by obeying him we are only benefiting ourselves as it will make our eternal life easier. 


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