In moments of loss our concerns come through, 

We call upon the almighty in sincerity, 

To bring us back to the comforts we once knew. 

Holding onto noltagia and feelings of security,

Cherished memories that are embedded between Allah and me.
It pains me to say that 

In lands faraway 

Bigger losses are occurring

Losses upon losses that people are no longer fearing.

I switch on the TV to see that Muslims lands are in chaos from left right and centre. 

However the tmnzZd

More and more deaths occur, now in Gaza there’s no space to

Bury them. 

Fridges are being used to restore peace to deaths mayhem.

In this world they may be imprisoned and demeaned.

But by Allah in the hereafter all those oppressed will be esteemed. 
By Umm Safiya 


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