If it was up to meThinking subjectively,

I’d embrace you all in my arms 

Away from the bombs, away from harm. 
From the luxury of my home

Situations just come about, situations unknown.

It’s to hard to hear that another child dies.

It’s to hard to hear their parents outcries. 
The ones in power remain ignorant-continuing the bloodshed 

Using methods that are malignant, 

Causing more to be dead. 
It’s not just Palestine that’s getting to me. Everywhere in the Muslim world it’s death I see. 
Why I ask do you cause children to suffer, 

They can’t defend themselves or go for cover. 

They’re all little and small, 

They have little voices- 

Tiny, fragile and precious life 

That your destroying as if it’s rife. 
Don’t you care you have blood on your hands?? 

All for what to fulfil the aggressors demands?? 
By Umm Safiya 


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