Forgotten already

Forgotten already 
It’s been a few months and the hysteria has died down. 

The focus has changed from this to that, the updates have become less frequent. 

This does not mean that the atrocities are any less important. 

I remind myself from time to time-

The horrors of the 51 days- how compelled I felt, how I became indignant. 

But now that same rage seems far and distant. 

Looking at the news I see they’ve attacked the holiest of places. 

Only Allah can save us through his graces. 

Here in this place we are only bystanders-and watchful onlookers

Unable to stop the oppressors. 
But we can raise our hands whenever we want-

And any duaa he will grant. 

Though we may think that this act is small- 

By remembering the oppressed in our supplication they may be saved from more condemnation. 
Umm Safiya 


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