Gems of Serenity 

Gems of serenity
Each day is special, unique and blissful.

Each moment is something to cherish with our precious gems.

As we watch them grow and prosper and keep them in our silent prayers, in nations faraway these precious gems face nightmares.
No games can they play, no dreams can they dream

A phone call warns them- and their lives break at the seams.

The precious gems just look and don’t understand,

Against the guns and bombs they don’t stand a chance.

They hold on with every breath, and cry the tears of hope and cling on to those who are near.

At such a young age they learn not about love but fear.
These gems are eager for comfort just like our gems

But theirs is a fate undetermined surrounded by actions most people condemn.
Everyday some gems are lowered into the grave into their final abode.

Tiny bodies, some not even fully clothed.
Everyone who has a heart can surely see the plight, not just in Palestine-

But Burma, Syria, Chechnya and those not mentioned.

Precious gems are lost in these places and the oppressors are not sanctioned.
By Umm Safiya


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