Innocence lost 

Her laughter resonates in my ears 

Her playfulness and innocent tears, 

That I enjoy and cherish everyday 

But something sinister is happening faraway 


In a land I’ve not been to but seen on TV

In a land I feel a connection to it’s become a part of me
I watch as horror unfolds 

A daily nightmare that is told-

Through social media I receive updates 

As I take in the events my heart breaks 
You see in this land they are being bombed, attacked and killed 

So when I see this my eyes become filled- 
With tears. 
It’s the loss of lives that gets to me 

It’s the children they’re killing you see

I think of the pain and anguish their mothers must feel

As their precious gems are murdered, massacred and mutilated. 

I then pray on the day we will be raised again their killers and oppressors are humiliated. 
The worst of humiliation I hope my Lord gives for he is the one who truly knows-

That everyone reaps the reward of what they sow 
Let’s hope and pray that we fulfill our accountability 

Because I fear I won’t be able to fulfill my responsibility 
To this land that’s faraway and I see on TV 

That I feel has a connection to me
Innocence lost time and time again

Do not lose faith Allah sees your pain. 

By Umm Safiya 


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