Palestine Speaks

Palestine Speaks
I am writing this letter to inform you that I am not the place you knew me as before. If you visited me you would not recognise me anymore. With great persistence I tried to resist the onslaught of bloodshed, but my lands are full of the dead. 

It’s sad to hear, heartbreaking I am aware, 

There are a few things I want to share. 
There was a time my markets boomed and crowds bustled in the streets. There was a myriad of cultures, a plethora of languages and the patter of tiny feet. 

My people had dreams, ambitions and aspirations- but long ago they executed this determination. 

My landscapes were vast, with hills and valleys and rivers and lakes. Oh what beauty my creator makes. 

I’m even home to the great Al-Aqsa-where the greats ones prayed. 

Now in this time amidst its parameters the dead are laid. 
I’ve been battered and bruised and have nothing else. I end this letter with hope but not in myself. 

I have high hopes in the one who fashioned me- The one who is Al-Mujib-the Answerer of all calls- the one who will answer my humble plea. This plea is not for me but for those oppressed. Grant them justice as they have been transgressed. 
I don’t have hands to raise or a head to place down in sujood. 

But oh Allah hear my request know that those who have been wronged, 

Will only find solace in you. 
By Umm Safiya 


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