Powerful for now 

Powerful for now.

In contemporary times you hold power And do not fear of the hour 

You plan, plot, murder and kill 

Making excuses along the way, using deception-showing the death toll to be nill. 
In the times before leaders were benign.

Nowadays they cower away which indeed is a sign,

A sign that times have changed, a sign of what’s to come
But I ask why do the ones in power play blind, deaf and dumb?
No lofty towers saved the unfortunates before you. 

Money. Greed. Injustice- were consumed by their egos too. 
They to had a deserving end

So do you think you can defend- 

The things you do to my Lord??

Your actions which we look upon abhorred. 
Worse still is the peoples plight, 

They still fight you with all their might. 

Children ask your combatants why?why? Why? 

Your combatants only deny, deny, deny.
There is no truth to what You have done, to what your hands created

But remember we all have a time appointed. 
By Umm Safiya 


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