Hospitality for a special guest

From a young age I have been surrounded by people who have looked forward to Ramadan. All around me no one appears to be phased and everyone eagerly anticipates the emaan boost. I think of my younger sister who mentioned in a conversation that she “could not wait” for this sacred month. Her face beamed and I could see the sparkle in her eye alhumdulillah (praise be to Allah.) Every year I want to also have this and not be occupied with my reservations regarding this month. I often wonder if other mothers also think about the lack of sleep with children or how they will generally manage the obligatory ibadah at this time. Do they also ask Allah to make it easy for them and everyone and worry about the change in routine. How life has changed since marriage and becoming a mother.

However over the past few days I began to feel slightly more content with the arrival of Ramadan. I started to think about the numerous benefits and how this month is a very special guest that I need to prepare for. Rather than thinking about the length of the fast I thought about a course I attended years ago. It was taught by Sheikh Abu Abdissalam and in the course he went through Fasting. One thing I took away from this course was when he presented us with the analogy of swallowing “a bitter pill.” In Ramadan we retrain our nafs (soul) the abstain from disobeying Allah. Subjectively, this means staying away from certain temptations. Again here was something for me to consider as ultimately our aim is to please Allah in the entirety of our lives. Moments we have to ourselves as mothers are rare so I want to make sure that this year insha-Allah I do  improve from Fasting. However, I want to be realistic with the expectations I have for myself so I will be doing that which I can do regularly and consistently. Insha-Allah (God Willing) I hope to be focusing on the Quran more and learning life lessons from this that I will impart on this blog, showing my true hospitality to this guest.

As we know it was in month that the Quran was revealed- so why not do it justice by reading that which was communicated to us by the Lord.


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