A reflection down memory lane


This picture was taken in July 2015. I had gone home to visit my family. From there I went to stay at my brothers house for a few nights. It was mainly for the children to spend time together whilst my sister in law and I had a catch up. 

How things had changed from that time to now. On that particular day the weather was warm and the park was full of families. Safiya and Mikaeel immediately went for the swings. I quickly photographed the moments. It was not an extravagant or overly lavish activity but this time is something that makes me smile. 

It also makes me think of the atrocities faced by other children around the world. Namely those in far away lands such as Palestine. There was the incident where a drone was dropped in a children’s playground. Alhumdulillah we do not have to think of such things. 

My sister in law and I were making memories for our children something they could hold onto, capturing moments that we are grateful for. Yet, in the same world injustices are occurring that do not seem to stop. 

Throughout the day an array of reflections like this occur in my head. In those times I am content as I feel I have the riches I need in front of me. Alhumdulillah. 


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