Just my thoughts

Over recent weeks I have began to revisit languages that I once studied. Initially I wondered to myself how I would manage, alongside the children and life in general. As it happens this has so far been manageable. Doing this for myself has helped me in many ways. One benefit is that I am relearning and gaining the passion to now teach my children. By teaching them I aIMG_7366m not solely referring to languages or the traditional educational pedagogy. I mean teaching them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A few weeks ago I began course called HENRY. It focuses on nurturing positive relationships between parent and child by honing in on different elements. This includes the following five elements; physical, understanding, language, emotional and social development. Whilst in the session I found myself linking what the tutor was saying to the spiritual elements in our lives. I found cohesive links between a lecture I had listened to on parenting by Yasir Birjas and the information that was presented to me. In lecture he emphasised the point of interacting with our children from the beginning, which sadly at times we forget. Admittedly I am guilty of this. In the course this was touched upon alongside other points. I remember reflecting and thinking we already have these teachings if only we implemented tarbiyah and it became second nature.

In the third session the tutor emphasised how having time for oneself is as equally important as giving time to everyone. Again this formed  cohesive link between something I had learnt at a ‘Being Me’ conference in 2012. The speaker spoke at length about self-development. And again I was grateful that Allah had equipped us with this. The reasons why I share these thoughts is to show that knowledge whether this is ‘spiritual’ or ‘secular’ eventually leads back to Islam and this eventually leads back to Allah. And this is what I want for my children to make the connection.

Moreover, I have started to renew my intention regarding actions whether they are small or big. I believe this may be just a minute element of what Allah has planned, but in his plan for me he is taking me back to my priorities.


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