A meeting to Remember 

A few months ago I volunteered to help teach an ESOL (English for Speakers of another Language.) Before attending the meeting I prayed isthikhara (prayer for guidance.) I did this, as in this duaa (supplication) there’s a part that requires one to say and translates as “oh Allah give this to me if it is good for me in this world and the next.” You see I was anxious about committing, although it would be for few hours a week. I wanted to be able to manage my kids, husband and household responsibilities. By performing isthikhara I felt that Allah would aid me in this affair. I made ablution and focused on what I was about to do and thought about my intention. Since getting married I had not really spread my wings as I had imagined. One thing I did and do reflect on is that “marriage is half the deen.” I had thought of achieving this in a different manner. Prior to getting married when speaking to my husband- we spoke of attending courses pertaining to Islam and growing together. Yet five years and two children later I felt a sense of disorientation. Alhumdulillah we have made memories, formed relationships, grown to know each other but spiritually we had become sedentary. Through our marriage o had attended a few courses taking place in Bradford, but they would cease after a few weeks and my motivation would diminish. 

I wanted to revisit those spiritual highs and rekindle my passion for knowledge. I hoped it would assist me in my marriage as I could encourage my husband too. I hoped I would meet people. I hoped I could contribute to people with the small skill that Allah had equipped me with. 
So I attended the first meeting and chatted to the sister who was leading. We had a great team. Everybody was energised had much to contribute. We had a few meetings in which we discussed student enrolment, fees and resources. Alas, we staggered in the start date causing an anticipated delay. This caused a dip as I wanted to really pursue and aid the community. Then entered the person whom this blog is really about. 
My friend (Qamar) who is the admin (really the heart the ties and holds things together) enquired what was going on and if I was still interested. I really wanted to teach so I replied in the affirmative. After an exchange of messages, another meeting was arranged. A new strategy was thought of and we decided to move ahead. It wasn’t the class that I was only enthused about but it was about meeting someone ( I know sentimental). Driving home I kept remembering the Hadith that the Prophet (SAW) said about the seven types of people who would be shaded by Allah. One group would be ‘a man or woman who meet for the sake of Allah and part for the sake of Allah.’ After that meeting that is exactly how I felt. It triggered many ahadith in my mind and I was grateful for sharing ideas. 

It then allowed me to revisit my intentions once more as to why I embarked on volunteering and I thought Alhumdulillah Allah has blessed me with more. 


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