Chance encounters 

This week I have met two new people. They are both international and both have much to offer the wider community. It all began with a smile. When I am out and about I like to smile at strangers and have conversations. I always begin with a smile. Not only is it polite and courteous but it’s a Sunnah (teaching of the Prophet SAW.) Anyway the two ladies whom I met had resided in Bradford for a few months and were eager to prosper in the city. However they did not anybody so we’re restrained to staying within their own community. 

Coincidentally, they both wanted to improve their English. How beautiful were these encounters? When we had wanted to begin the ESOL course previously there was little interest. However, now I had met two women in separate places wanting to learn. 
I thanked Allah as I knew it was from him and renewed my intention again. Sometimes the decree has that we do not comprehend.  


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