Spotted dresses and luxurious cloaks

Two days ago I dressed my daughters. Dressing my children is one of the elements of motherhood I enjoy and anticipate excitedly. The night before I mentally prepared the outfits in my mind. Both would adorn cotton attire that had been gifted to them by relatives. 

This related to a lecture I heard many years ago about Imam Abu Hanifa. He is one of the most revered scholars of Islam. He lead a humble life and had a zeal for knowledge. He had a respect for gaining and imparting knowledge especially when this related to faith. It was reflected as I recall when the orator said that; Imam Abu Hanifa would wear the best of his garments when he spoke of the Prophet (SAW.) This is how much he honoured our beloved Messenger (SAW.) 

It also made me think of how we present ourselves when we pray to our Lord or discuss issues regarding Islam. Alhumdulillah our religion has many ways we attain reward and that day I related it to how we present ourselves as Muslims. 


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