When studying Sociology my sister once told me that the family is central to the wider society. Of course this is a very generic finding that you can note without venturing into the fields of study. What enticed me is the notion of the impact of family on an individual. knowingly or unknowingly our lives are impacted by those who we play a major part in our lives. It is fine if we get along but what happens when things take a turn for the worst? Every family has its good times and bad times-these are not the things I want to write about. I want write about the plight of individuals who are abused psychologically, mentally,emotionally and physically. It saddens me to say the least. As these individuals are astute and diligent people. No its not the religion and no its not culture. In simple terms it is a power trip and its catalyst is control. Amongst all of this I ask myself how can one resolve this? Then I heard something about transgression. We can do whatever we like but in the end we will be held to account. I thought of people facing hardship. Amongst the pain I thought Allah has provided hope all we need to do is help ourselves. It may not seem like the best advice and when one is faced with struggles it is difficult not to be immersed into it and look for quick solutions but have hope.



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