Whilst putting my daughter down for a nap I thought about Languages. I am not one to make resolutions in the new year but I am determined to learn some languages this year. Yes thats right in the plural form not using the illicit ‘s.’ Yes amongst the other day to day things I am hoping to progress in my languages. I have attempted to learn Arabic since attending university. Being an an avid linguist from a young age I have been learning French and German since school. My mother tongue is not remotely close to Arabic or the European Languages rather its closer to the Sanskrit language tree. Bengali is the language I acquired at home. That being said it is a vernacular version to the ‘Standard Bengali’ that is the official language of Bangladesh. Then there are Hindi and Urdu. These two I learnt through the exposure to the Indian film industry. I love being able to speak a myriad of different languages not just for communication purposes or codeswitching. I think when I study the different grammatical aspects of the languages there are physiological processes that enlighten my Brocas area. Its such a blessing. This system we have of communicating with one another.


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