Anonymous anonymity

This is for that person who has sacrificed but is not acknowledged. The person that left their world behind and embraced a new world. The person who combined old values to the new values placed before them. The person that felt broken and then healed. The person that held their high although inside they were shattered. The person who tried their level best to help the ones she loved but was dismissed when it came to the important matters. The person who felt they have no voice but if people listened carefully they would the colourful sound of reason enveloped in wisdom. The person who retained that smile and cried in private.

This is for the person who placed their burdens aside to harbour the burden of others. The person who put everything on hold to encourage another to move forward. The person who is diligent but because of circumstances is afraid to use the diligence. The person who is suffering but embraces the moments so no one else experiences what they are going through.

This is for those who………….continue when anyone else would stop.

Remember whatever happens their is a higher deity that rectifies all. Give it your all see where the chances take you.


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