I am simply overwhelmed by the pace at which my children are developing. There are times I want them to grow quickly (usually when I’m at the end of my tether.) Then there are times (which I have been having recently) where I want them to remain small. Having two little girls has been great so far, and now that my youngest daughter is getting older they are becoming playmates. At times (like this moment in time) I have the pleasure to observe them and I can see how my little one copies the older one and how the older one tentatively unknowingly is teaching her.

Even before entering parenthood being from a big family I was aware of the development and behaviour of children. However, once you enter the role yourself it is different. Having spoken to other professionals who also work with children this is a wide experience. There is much debate about other aspects of parenting but the general consensus about assuming the role is agreed upon. You think about this being that you have and worry endlessly about what is best. You want them to excel and achieve everything. By the same token you do not want to be over-bearing and pushy. I consider this to be somewhat difficult to balance.

Another thing is that whenever my daughter mirrors her sister I am astonished. I used to (and still do) make duaa (supplicate) to God for my eldest daughter to accomplish milestones and learn aspects of our faith. At the same time I wanted it to be an immersive process as opposed to that which she did not enjoy. I also wanted and still want both my children to have a zeal for knowledge and learning. Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to see the fruition of my duaas- alhumdulillah.

I have witnessed my older daughter asking her little sister to repeat duaas (supplications) whilst she has been saying them. At the same time she is a child so I do not hold her completely responsible but seeing this immersive process has been rewarding and I pray that it continues.


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