Ever since I have heard about the merits of reciting Sarah al-kahf I have wanted to integrate it into my weekly routine. Although it has been a struggle over the years it has become easier and I now look forward to reciting this chapter from the Quran (alhumdulillah.) Similar to other chapters in the Quran it has different sections which relate to different elements of Islam.

When I first read the Surah it was Difficult with a capital D. At that point I did not really have a connection with the Quran and my recitation was not that great (not that it is now.) Another thing was that I did not know any Arabic. When I was taught about my religious practices as a child nothing was explained. There was much emphasis on simply memorising rather than learning the meaning. Although I was curious initially over time I became disinterested. It was not anyones fault it was just the pedagogy at that time. I am glad that in contemporary times things are explained so children are aware and know what they are learning.

Since that time I have began to study Arabic (as much as is possible with two children.) There are certain verses from the chapter that do make an impact. Obviously knowing the context helps immensely. By this I would like to reference a lecture presented by Nouman Ali Khan providing an overview of the chapter. The verse I would like to draw attention to in particular is the following; “Verily As for those who believed and did righteous deeds, certainly We shall not make to be lost the reward of anyone who does his (righteous) deeds in the most perfect manner.” It is something I related to my personal life. It enabled me to reflect about where I have come to in life currently. I do not know if anybody else feels like this but there are times when I feel complete aimless. I will be going about performing the daily salaah but do not feel ‘that connectivity.’ There must be a few mothers who can relate!? It is not just related to salaah it is also related those acts of worship that we do not categorise in the known acts-you know those that we do with the intention of gaining Allah’s pleasure. The above verse or ayah as its known in Arabic gave me renewed hope. I wanted to share this hope with people in hope of uplifting someone even its just one person. Please share 🙂


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