Blurry Backpack

This was a quick photo of Amanah when she was running away from me. It’s blurry that’s why it was ideal for my post. It is the backpack that this post is centered around. Back in November 2016 my sister and niece came to visit. My sister was on a training course and my niece wondered around and picked up a few gifts.  This included this backpack for my child. When I was a child we actually did not have that many accessories. We had to suffice with hand-me-downs, imaginative play and building our own items. I know think this was great. This is because when we did have things we appreciated them. Now, I am not going to rant and say children should be restricted but what I am finding is that it is quite hard getting my children to value things so to speak. I know it is because we do give them toys and lavish them with clothes, outings, digital devices, holidays and whatever else BUT I really do not want to raise children who do not know how to earn things.

Are there any other parents who feel like this? I would like to know and hear from you. One thing that I do with my daughters is show excitement (I actually do get excited) when they receive gifts. So when Amanah was given this (she is still very young) I made sure that it was not just played with or thrown on the floor. I also change what toys they play with to encourage appreciation. I have found these techniques to work somewhat.


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