Diversity and Maqroot (Date Cakes)

I made these with my daughters after a watching a youtuber. She is called umme Yusuf and makes quick and easy snacks that are useful in any household. The reason why I chose to make this was that it incorporated many hidden skills for the development of, language and communication, fine motor skills, world knowledge, literacy and numeracy. Of course I did not bore my children with the background as to why I was doing this with them that knowledge was more for myself being the geek I am. I mean a lot of parents probably already know this but I am definitely a supporter of embedded learning- and baking certainly incorporates a lot of it. Making these allowed me to discuss different countries. In this way it allowed me to illustrate the Muslims are not just one ethnic group but we are diverse. Growing up I remember that Muslims were ALL (yes ALL) brown skinned and Bengali. Of course I was confused between ethnicity and faith at this time.  My day ensured we attended activities at the Mosque. Where we grew up the Muslim population consisted of many different ethnic groups. It is only after I got married I realised how significant this has been in my life. I know reside in a large Muslim populated city and have noticed there is somewhat of ethnic groups ‘sticking together.’ I noticed this whilst I was studying also. There are always great things to be learned from one another. Having said this I understand why this may have happened. In the 1970’s when there was a diaspora of different ethnic groups entering into the country including our ancestors they settled and made communities for themselves. They lived in overpopulated houses sharing bedrooms so money could be sent back to their respective countries. They never thought that they would actually ‘settle permanently.’ Its something I sort of undermined growing up but to understand the mind set of our elders its important to get into that mind set. Not only did they have to overcome the obvious language barrier they were faced with hostility (similar to what the EU people are facing now.) I guess they wanted to retain aspects of their identity and pieces of their home countries by holding on to what they know. Although much time has elapsed there are still challenges faced by the second generation to make the first generation understand. There has been great acceptance in many communities but we must plough on….I guess I may have thought a bit to deeply whilst doing this activity with my children.

IMG_3170 Please leave comments about any ideas you have regarding this topic.


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