Mark making….in Arabic

IMG_3167  Prior to having my children I had ideas as to how I would immerse Arabic into their daily lives. Alas! English is the dominant language (although Bengali is there mother tongue.) However, all is not lost. In small ways and with the help of Allah I have integrated it into their play. In this way it is not so much instructive and more instructive. As a child I loved loved loved drawing, painting, writing and model making. Anything I could get my hands on would become something. Of course in child development it is encouraged also (just have different names now!) What I used to know as colouring is now Mark Making. When I asked a colleague about this she informed me that this term seems lets prescriptive than colouring in. In a way I can loosely see the connection as it suggests that children cannot have fluidity in developing the motor skills to write. Having said this I do still use colouring in!

Moving to the original subject of the post I have found with the Arabic script that there is much fluidity in the letters (Harf.) The English letters do have this too, but the Arabic morphemes (thats the linguistic term) have more variant forms. So far in my journey my daughter has memorised the letters in both Arabic and English. I have now decided that it is time to introduce her to writing and reading. There are many resources that are available on the internet aimed at toddlers. A website I have found useful for non-native speakers is I highly recommend this although its Instagram posts that motivate me.

Please pray that I can achieve this with my children.


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