IMG_3169 Imagine a world without colours. Imagine if we did not have this sense of sight. How does it feel to be blind. When I was at school there this boy who was partially sighted. He would walk with white cane and use a digital aid to take notes in lessons. He also had an assistant and could read braille.Admittedly I was in awe. I found it amazing that he could excel despite having this impairment. At the time being a carefree teenager I did not think much of my senses (sounds brazen I know.) When I paint with my children or do calligraphy I am grateful. The world would be different for me and my children without this small bounty.

Its not just the act of seeing of the neurological processing accompanied with sight. It reiterates what my sister and I were conversing about this week; “if you count the blessings of Allah then you cannot stop.” When painting with my daughters I am reminded of this, amongst other blessings. I just wanted to share this reflection.

Be grateful Allah is As- Shakur (the appreciative.)


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