Toddler immersion

IMG_3471 If anybody has read one of my previous posts you will know that I wrote about immersion.Parenting I think is quite arbitrary. I remember in year eight when my PSE teacher asked us to ask our parents what they learnt before becoming a parenting.  When the teacher asked us again one of the students responses was that her parents said “nothing it was like a walk in the park.” It is just that. You learn as you go along and you find directions that suit you. A theme that echoes within my posts is that I wanted my beliefs to be central. I wanted everything to emanate from this. Alhhumdulillah (praise be to Allah) there is an abundance of resources available around us that we can utilise. This brings me to the bath book. I think these are absolutely amazing. There are many available in story book versions from supermarkets and retailers but I was taken by this one produced by Shade7. It is a simple way in introducing kids to wudhu (ablution required to perform prayers by Muslims.) It also changes colour to signify which parts you need to wash. I came across the organisation on Instagram and it would be great if others could also show their support.

Its great for bath time. I was happy to see that the organisation had taken the concept and used to retail an aspect of the religion that is so integral. It makes immersive parenting that little bit easier. Not only this it has much more to offer. As it is written in English it helps them to read and me being a linguistics geek can go and on.


3 thoughts on “Toddler immersion

  1. I know this blogger. she is my aunty from my dads side. I enjoyed reading the mother blog. at first I was confused because I didn’t understand half the vocabulary lol. follow my Instagram:rifaatahmadx snapchat:rifaat_ahmad Facebook: Rifaat Ahmad twitter:@rifaatahmad786 lol Im such a weirdo.
    she is going to tell me offf for commenting. if you read this you are my friend.

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