I was speaking to my youngest sister in law recently about a lecture she attended about language learning. She informed that the lecturer had said that sleep is a crucial part of retaining information. Research conducted has shown this. In an experiment that took place two groups were given the same information and asked to later recall this after some time. The difference was that one group was asked after they had slept where as the other had been asked after they had gone about performing their daily tasks.

The results showed that the group that had slept had demonstrated better results. The speaker then said that this may be related to bed time stories we read to children. I then related this to something else I had heard many years ago in a lecture I went to with my husband.

The speaker said that the day is for doing the ‘duniya’ (worldly) things and the night is for ‘Ibadan’ (worship.) It just reminded me of the pearls that are embedded within my (our) religion.


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