Ordinary Moments

I feel as though I have not had the time to sit and write this past month or so. It has been a transitionary few months filled with visits from extended family, a family wedding, day trips here and there and of course the usual day-to-day activities.

During this time, both of my daughters have had chicken pox too. Any mother knows when your child is slightly ill it moves away from the steady momentum that you know to be family life and days and nights merge into one. Thankfully my husband, his family and my family were there to carry out tasks whilst I held them close, soothed them whilst they cried or managed to nap with them (an hour makes all the difference.) During this time it seems like it is never going to end but alhumdulillah my two girls got through it (although the younger one cried at night- which was expected.) However, I felt there was something else that made it easy for me. This I believe was my duaas that I make to Allah. Its not the ones I say after salad or anything but they are simply ones that I unconsciously speak of throughout the day or when I am presented with something unexpected (which when you you two youn’uns, live with extended can become the norm.)

It was at these times I was silently grateful for my children that were calm and also that I was able to attend my brothers wedding and be a part of the celebrations. It was important to me as I live away from my family and everything has become that much more prominent.

It is in such Ordinary Moments one realises the extraordinary power of Allah.


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