Nearly…but not quite

I looked out a the night sky today and was taken aback. We are in that time now where the days are longer and with the weather being milder the change from day to evening is enhanced with the contrasting gradients of blue. From my bedroom it looked picturesque with house lights turned on and the street lights also filling our cul-de-sac. It reminded me of a feeling that I have not felt for a long time. You see Ramadan is coming at the end of this week and I was (and still am) apprehensive.

As a new mother I was scared when the month approached as I felt I could not manage, but Allah made it easy for me-Alhumdulillah.

Looking out at the sky today gave me that warmth I get when breaking the fast (when I have a moment to myself.) Its that time where you can reflect and really appreciate aspects of life you otherwise take for granted. Its the serenity I think I feel as when my girls go to sleep I stay awake for sehri (dawn meal.) I am not saying that I accrue knowledge or spend this time worshipping I just have a few hours whereby I can work on connection (or think about what needs doing to make the next day easier.)

On that note I pray that Allah makes it easy for everyone to fast, I pray he accepts our humble supplications and efforts to come closer to him and I pray he places infinite barakah in our time and gives us the strength to worship Him in the manner that is most befitting for him. Ameen.


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