I have recently began teaching again and it has been the most remarkable source of inspiration. It was one student in particular that left me in awe. When I spoke to him and asked for his permission to write about him he was taken aback and had only one request that he remain anonymous. He also went onto to say that his story was a sad story. To me it was one of success and made me appreciate things that I have that are not being used.

The student achieved excellent grades in A’levels. However, shortly afterwards he became ill and his health deteriorated and he had heart surgery. After this he did go onto pursue studying as he believes that learning is a skill that should not be forgotten. With this in mind he pursued a course in Human Biology, completed a few Islamic courses and last September decided to embark on a university course. This period of achievement was then followed with sorrow as earlier on this year someone close to him passed away.

Hearing these things I experienced so many different emotions. The one that was most prominent was gratitude for things that I have. A piece of advise that the student spoke of was that if was to take anything away from his story was that he found Allah and it gave him purpose.

It was humbling for me-to find such devotion.


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