This Wednesday I found out about Grenfell tower like everyone else watching the news. It was a shock to my system. It just seems like theres one thing after another when we switch on the TV. This was utterly hurtful. My immediate thought was are there any survivors? Deep down I knew people had not made it and this got to me because they were innocent lives. Then I began thinking about how could this happen- what was the cause. You see for me when the incident took place I was getting on with my normal everyday activities on that particular day I had not switched on the news as I was doing previously to check the outcomes of the hung parliament. My mother-in-law actually informed me of this tragedy.  Shortly after I started reading the papers online, checking my social media feeds and what I found was haunting. Stories of mothers, young children, elderly who had not survived. Of course for us Muslims it is the month of Ramadan and I saw clips of people praising Muslims and being grateful for this month as the Muslims were able to help. However, inspite of this the tragic event depicted how the community is able to come together irrespective of beliefs because of our common humaness.

We have been discussing what has happened and the atmosphere instantly fills with sadness when you hear the stories of those who have lost their loved ones. The one that really struck a chord with me was of a young women who’s children were trying to stop the smoke from coming in through the gaps of the doors. At this point she was on the phone and the relative broke down whilst speaking in an interview when recounting the the events. The relative said she could hear the fire crackling. There are countless stories like this. I cannot imagine the despair going through their minds.

At this moment my prayers are with them. May Allah provide everyone with ease and save us all from facing further calamities. Ameen.