I bid you adieu

I am utterly amazed at how Ramadan flew by. For those who are not aware let me provide a brief description and it’s significance to Muslims. Ramadan is the month in which fasting (abstaining from food and drink ) is prohibited between sunrise and sunset for Muslims. It sounds arduous and cumbersome but in reality it allows me to refocus. I was saddened at its parting this year. Its presence felt like a fleeting visitor who came to my home provided me with a glimpse of peace and then left me in waiting for its return. I’ve seen and read a lot of posts of the bittersweet feeling they have at its departure. I have this feeling to.

But I know we can still feel those feelings during the other Islamic months too. Don’t get me wrong I struggled with the long days but I was at peace. I pray that our fasts are accepted. I pray that we meet the next Ramadan with openness and good deeds and benefit from the blessings given to us by the one above.

So it is not adieu ( yes I like my Shakespeare) but an anticipation for your return.


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