July 2016

Ramadan is steadily leaving us and as the days go by there is one thing at the forefront of my mind. It is a quote from Nouman Ali Khan. He pointed out in his sayings about that the purpose of Ramadan and Fasting are different. Fasting is to aid us in attaining Taqwa, where as Ramadan is to aid us in gaining more understanding of the Quran. Effectively both enabling us to become better within ourselves.

Admittedly, it has been a slow build up of emaan for myself. Having two children, long fasts and a short time for sehri took a few days to get used to. The physical element so far has been better than I anticipated. I guess the supplications paid assisted me. However the spiritual element of connecting to Allah and understanding the Quran have taken their time.

January 2017

After re-reading this post I had a writing epiphany. Coincidentally, it is after receiving an email (which I have not yet opened) from Nouman Ali Khan that I have began to think about Ramadan. I posed the question to myself where to want to be by the end of this Ramadan. I have been thinking about my routine in Ramadan. How I will manage my two little girls alongside working on myself. I want to take advantage of the blessed month and increase in my Ibadan (worship.) I have found that the tiredness overcomes me and at times I do ‘dip.’ Before getting married and becoming a mother it was easier to sustain the reading of the Quran and concentrate on chapters I was reading as well as attend taraweeh (night prayer) prayer the mosque. I miss it very deeply and cannot wait until my girls are older so we can go together as a family. However, being with my family is unequivocally a blessing. Another is the fact that I have not worked the previous Ramadan’s that have passed. Although, there are still distractions I am grateful that I do not have to think about work (or waking up for work) when the sehri period is such a short period. In fact I am in awe of those who do have to work and pray that it is easier for them especially with the fasts being so long. I guess every situation comes with its own blessings and struggles. In a way I think this Ramadan I will be working on gratitude.

I would be interested in hearing the goals of yourselves please share 🙂